Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your store hours?
Where are you located?
How do I apply for a job?
Do you have gift cards? What is the maximum?
Why don't you have plastic/paper bags at Hana World Market?
Do you sell reusable bags? / How am I suppose to carry my groceries without any plastic bags?
Is there an ATM in the store?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Do you have a minimum? / What is the $5 Minimum?
Do you accept credit/debit cards?
Do you accept American Express?
Do you accept Lonestar or other food stamps?
Can I use checks to pay for my purchase?
Why can't I take the red baskets outside? I have no bags to carry my things.
Can I bring my pets inside the store?
What do I do if I found an error on my receipt?
What is your return policy?
Can we put up a stand in your parking lot and sell products or ask for donations?
I'm a vendor, how can I sell my products?
You used to have ___. Where is it now? Why do you not have it anymore?
Can I request an item?
Do you have Soju?